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Commercial Finance

Touch Of Finance offer a broad range of financial products that can aid your business in its financial purposes. By offering both long and short term finance options, Touch Of Finance can help you with all your business financial needs.

Business/Commercial Loan

Suitable for any worthwhile Business purposes. Interest rates available – Fixed or Variable. Repayments can be Principal and Interest, Interest Only or Interest in Advance.


Commercial Line of Credit facility

A Flexible loan, which gives you the ability to maximise the borrowing potential of, one or a multiple of properties for varied Business purposes. You access funds when you require them and interest is your minimum repayment based on the funds utilised. You can determine how much you want when you want it!


Business Overdraft

An everyday transaction account with an approved facility limit. Allows for fully fluctuating balances within this limit.


Commercial Bills

For any worthwhile Business purpose being short or long term finance. A loan with the ability to hedge interest rates between 30, 60, 90 or 180 days.


Debtor Finance facility

Cash flow funding to support businesses in a growth phase. Also when a business needs smoothness via seasonal variations in cash flow due to sales peaks and troughs. An alternative to real estate security and can provide working capital to assist with the acquisition of other businesses.


Low Doc Commercial Loan

Allowing borrowers to obtain a reduced loan to property value ratio with reduced income verification requirements.


Taxi Plate Loan

For purchasing a taxi plate for business or investment.


Franchise Loan

To assist with the purchase of various Franchise businesses. e.g. Angus & Robertson, Australia Post, Autobarn, Bakers Delight, Bob Jane, Brumbys, Caltex, Clark Rubber, Coffee Club, Donut King to name only a few.